Zero Gravity

Antelope Valley
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Zero Gravity is a Sweet Adelines International (SAI) barbershop quartet formed in the Antelope Valley. The four members of Zero Gravity, Elizabeth Strandberg, Steffi Valkov, Monica Hoffman, and Denise O’Neill are a talented group of women, each bringing a unique musical perspective to the quartet due to varied musical backgrounds and years of experience in music and performing arts. The name “Zero Gravity” stems from the fact that each of the members works in the field of Aerospace Engineering. Zero Gravity is an extension of the local SAI chapter, Antelope Valley Showcase Chorus (AVSC). The AVSC supports the mission of Sweet Adelines International organization, a worldwide group of women singers, committed to the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education, competition, and performance. Zero Gravity Quartet continues to participate in the barbershop style of music and is proud to represent Antelope Valley Showcase Chorus and the Sweet Adelines International Organization.