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Hi all,

Trying to keep the music and the energy moving forward and knowing that there will be a lot to do on Friday night - I've simplified the riser positions for both groups.

If you were on the floor for Sweet Dreams I believe I've kept you on the floor. The members that have the furthest to move are those that are playing the cups in the opening number. PLEASE look at your riser positions here before next Tuesday night as we will be running the packages.

See you Tuesday for our last rehearsal before the weekend.

In harmony,


Hi again, Just checking in with updates for some of the information and activities coming down the pike. New music is on the way - if you go looking at it early - keep in mind word SOUNDS verses the words :) Learning trax are not there yet as well as one of the copies of the music. This is primarily to give you a heads up on the plan for the dates.

  • June 16 Jingle Bell Jazz
  • July 15 Little Altar Boy
  • August 18 Ding A Ding A Ding (rhythm number and there will be a rebalancing for parts)
  • September 15 Do You Hear What I Hear?

This will give us 4 brand new songs for the holiday show (date TBD) in celebration of our 55th birthday!

Hi all - Let's see if this shows up on the dashboard and/or if it is mailed out. If you log into Groupanizer and go to DOCUMENTS you'll see a section that says Vusual Performance Information - all things pertaining to the BACKGROUND on visual will be listed there. The visual moves with videos listed first is where you'll find the same link from the email.

As we move forward the visual plan for each song will be LISTED WITHIN EACH SONG under the notes section so that there is only one place where it has to be updated :)


Kira  give the descriptions of the “named” moves (you may need to copy and paste the link and you WILL need to be logged in to Groupanizer) 2015 Contest Performance (first song is Lulu

The following moves may have a sense of “other direction” per the actual move but the overall “CP” or “DT” is “home” for that section.

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