About Antelope Valley Show Chorus

For over 60 years the Antelope Valley Showcase Chorus of Sweet Adeline’s International has been bringing women together to sing and entertain audiences throughout the entire Antelope Valley.

Singing songs from Broadway to Jazz and Gospel to Patriotic their harmony touches the soul of each person – singer and listener alike.

Meeting in Quartz Hill, the Antelope Valley Showcase Chorus is made up of dedicated female singers from near and far including Helendale, Victorville, Santa Clarita, Lancaster, Agua Dulce, Acton, Rosamond, and Palmdale–all to share the joy of singing.

The chorus performs year-round for private and public events throughout the Antelope Valley singing “A Cappella” (without instrumental accompaniment). This allows the group more flexibility than your average performer so that your venue may not need to have as many requirements (such as space needed for band instruments). If you like to sing and want to enhance your life by keeping that artistic part of you alive ~ then join us.

Antelope Valley Showcase Chorus is therapy for my soul. It provides for me the means to create beautiful harmonies and share them in a way that gives back in thanks for all the wonderful treasures I’ve received in this life. ~Linda A. 

Antelope Valley Showcase Chorus was chartered in February 1960 (originally as Antelope Valley Chapter then changing to Harmony Showcase in the 90’s and returning to our roots with a twist [adding “Showcase”]in 2011) and is a chartered member of Sweet Adelines International, an educational organization promoting four-part harmony for women—barbershop style—with has over 25,000 members worldwide.

We are dedicated to learning, growing, and achieving excellence in a team-orientated environment. We have been asked if we are ‘exclusive” our acceptance of new members or “Do I need to be an accomplished musician?” The answer is “No.” On the contrary, we are inclusive in our belief that if the desire and willingness are there, we can teach our art form to nearly anyone. Training in vocal production, choreography and showmanship are offered on a continuous basis.

The Antelope Valley Showcase Chorus is a diverse group of women who welcome others who share in the joy of singing and performing.

SO, if you enjoy singing, challenges and new experiences, or want to broaden your perspectives and make new friends while doing it, we’d like you to consider membership in the Antelope Valley Showcase Chorus.

Don’t let another moment without music pass you by! “Music washes from the soul, the dust of everyday life” ~ Berthold Auerbach