Visual Moves With Videos Listed First


* When turning from facing back to audience to FACING audience - always turn TOWARD the right. Applies primarily to front row but affects chorus when entering the risers.
*Always have a "lifted countenance" when singing - in general - a twinkle in the eyes and a smile across the CHEEK BONES will help with the singing space and resonant sound.
Betty Boop: - Core is tall, knees slightly bent, hands on upper thighs
Blossom or Release the Dove: two handed move sending sound out. Typically on specific words needing emphasis or used at end of phrases
Box Step: Cross right foot over left, step back with your left foot, step side with your right foot then bring left foot together. (Can be reversed starting with the opposite foot)
Capish: Italian hand jesture - 3 fingers & thumb together toward ceiling
Center Sway: This is a side to side movement with thre distinct positions starting CP or DT with a slight "sit" center, then moving either direction leading slightly with the shoulder to Center Outside and Center Inside with the "sit" inbetween
Check 'em out: Head move starting either side - look 10/2 change to opposite side 10/2 then "decide" at 12
Clear the Desk: (Left or Right) Leaning into move with same leg/arm sweep arm with hand outstreatched and palm down moving from (Right arm) 11 to 2 (Left arm) 2 to 11 - (hand stops traveling when it is pointing the same direction as the knee is lunging)
Diva: Sweep hands up along the front of the body and bring arms up with hands out slightly above the head palms toward ceiling
Figure 8 with Step: Body tall, sturnum lifted. Hands as indicated
Figure Eight: Draw a lying down number eight with your hips.
Grapevine (Left or Right): In the direction of travel step sideways and cross front then cross back pending the number of steps
Honey: Can be either side - First POP into "position" as described one hand slightly above the head, like in the Diva move, and other hand on the inner SAME thigh with knee is bent out and sideways. Then sweep lower hand along the thigh and side of body to meet opposite hand at the same height.
Jazz hand – a choreographed move in which the fingers are spread wide with the palm forward
Jazz Hip: Step onto the right and then left leading with your hip.
Jazz Walk: Starting with feet close together travel forward leading with the heal as you strut with attitude.
Kick step: This move can be executed in place or traveling.  Bending your knees, "sit" (weight on power side) and kick with "free" foot reverse as needed.
Knee pop: (Either side) Keeping the core tall pop specific knee and let the corresponding hip follow
Marilyn: Bend your knees with one knee slightly popping forward and in front other the other knee.  Bring your arms to the knees and sweep them up caressing the thighs and side of the body as the arms move up towards your chest.  Pop the hands at chest height (hands crossed) and open the move using tension (as if pushing something apart with the sides of your hands) and stop at shoulder level.  Hands are opened like a fan palms facing body and pinky fingers point to each other.
Ole: one arm up and one on hip
Point: A point is always done with the back of the hand toward the ceiling, not like shooting a gun unless specifically stated
Quartet Spread: One arm crosses in front of the body and sweeps across starting from the middle and opening outward - the oposite arm is low and to the back. This move is executed with bent knees. The body follows the movement of the arm.
Raise the Bowl: Two handed lift from @hip coming up and forward to chest as if holding a large punch bowl
Restate: Typically done when there is no other planned move DURING a breath to release and restate the body posture and alignment - simply break the connection with the floor/risers with one foot and conciously reaffirm good alignment.
SAFE! Two handed gesture palms down as in baseball at "table top" height
Scan: Can either be head move or full body move either direction - start at 10 or 2 and "scan" across to the opposite side
Selfie: Point to self with thumb.
Serving Tray (1 or 2 handed) Can be either hand or two hands - 1 hand) Left hand starts at 2 palm up generally at chest height as if you were holding a serving tray and move to 10; Right hand is just the reverse starting at 10 moves to 2; 2 hands - palms up toward ceiling and starts crossing in front of the chest moving out to 10/2 unless otherwise directed
Show 'em the way out: Single hand move similar to raising the bowl. Done with either hand and any direction.
Slick your hair: Either side - hand acts as if brushing hair over "same" ear
SR or SL: Step right or Step Left - a variation may be that it's a "wide" step  or "straight" (moving diretly forward)  
Step Together: This move can be executed side to side, forward, back , etc.  Leading foot moves on the  “1” count the other foot follows on the “and” count. It continues with “2” , “and” same feet sequence.
Step Touch: This move can be executed side to side, forward, back, etc. Step with leading foot (TBD by visual team) and bring other foot to meet leading foot.
Sunburst: Jazz hands cross in front of the body - can be above head, in front of the face or chest height
Woah: (Can be done front leaning into it or away or sideways either direction) Sideways: Rock body to one side and push arms, shoulder height, in the opposite directions as if shoving a car away from you. Front: Same arm movement either CP or DT
Wonder Woman: Body tall, feet slightly farther apart than normal, sternum lifted. May be done with Hands (fists on hip) or not

* Unless the movement calls for a slumped position (won't happen WHILE singing) the core is always tall and strong to maintain the best sound
10/2: Assuming Chorus Position or Down the Tiles is 12 O'clock the chorus turns facing 10 o'clock or 2 o'clock 
12 O'clock: can be either YOUR 12 or the Chorus 12 using a clock positioning. If it is YOURS - 12 is straight in front of you - 3 to your right, 6 behind and so on. The CHORUS 12 o'clock will depend slightly on being DT or CP. In general think of the Director's normal spot as 12 O'Clock and move from there.
A: Arm as in left arm or right arm abbreviated as L A or R A
Adlib: Small self directed movements (see also unplanned movement)
Big X – a visual focal point to “chorus position”, but more open just beyond the director - for the left brained folks - think 11/1
Center Back: Split from center members face 10/2 OUT (back to center of chorus)
Center Front: Split from center members face 10/2 IN (facing toward center)
Center: relative to the "center" of the chorus
Chorus position – shoulders/body square on facing the director feet are inside shoulder width apart  - both feet (toes) should be facing forward as much as possible with the outside foot toeing (hanging 5) the front edge of the risers
Core: the "body" from shoulders to hips - keeping it "tall" means in alignment as straight as possible without it being "stiff"
Down the tiles – also known at DT or “mirror image -  position on the risers in which singers stand parallel to the back wall, directly facing the audience
Downstage: stage direction - toward director
Front row – the first row of singers in the chorus standing on the floor rather than the first row of risers
Gozinta: Premove
Gozoutta: Release of planned move - unless otherwise specified the release is always up and out!
L: left
Model: elevate sternum
Off your heels – Core TALL, knees SLIGHTLY bent and weight is on the balls of your feet and using the arms as if around a barrel (NOT a choreography move but often used to get in touch with good singing space)
Outside arm or leg – the limb that is closest to the outer edge of the risers starting from center
Over the Eyeglasses: Look over the top of 1/2 eye glasses or Tip the head slightly as if saying “yes”.
Peel – a choreography move that travels from one side of the chorus to the other, creating a ripple effect; a split peel is one that starts from the middle and moves out, or vice-versa
Present Yourself: body "dig" running hands up body to shoulder level slowly and with energy. Hands "pop" out just above shoulder height  
R: Right
Sway w/arms: Adding arms start slightly stretched opposite the move but they move towards the body as the move progresses.
Sway: May be led with Shoulder or Hip - Sway side to side or back and forth. This move is executed with bent knees. Arms at the side of the body. 
Unplanned movement - (same as adlib)– body movements and facial expressions that sell song
Upstage: stage direction - closest to back of risers
Window – the individual singer’s view of the director; rows are slightly staggered so that each singer has a clear, unobstructed view of the director